Building the Foundation
for Better Health

The Parkinson’s Place for Rehabilitation

Do You Suffer from Parkinson's Disease?

Help is Available!

Foundation Therapy Center is Proud to Introduce
The Parkinson's Place for Rehabilitation
with protocols developed by Margie Schulte, PT, NDT,
a certified Neurological Physical Therapist.

This is a ground-breaking, multidisciplinary, natural approach to Parkinson's treatment.

Goals and Proven Results of Our Specialized Protocols:

• Decreased Pain & Fatigue
• Improved Independence & Quality of Life
• Improved Balance & Coordination
• Improved Mobility & Function
• Improved Strength & Gait
• Improved Range of Motion
• Decreased Risk of Falls

Our Specialized Protocols Make Available:

• Full Evaluation by a certified Neurological Physical Therapist
• Compensatory Physical Therapy
• Reflexology with use of medical grade, essential oils
• Complimentary Screenings, Clinics, Lectures, and Demonstrations
• Trigger Point Dry Needling
• Neurological Rehabilitation
• Pain Management Treatment
• Occupational Therapy
• Yoga for Medical Conditions and Overall Health and Wellness

Call today to schedule an evaluation to see if you are a candidate for The Parkinson's Place for Rehabilitation. Most services are covered by insurance. It's year-end; take advantage of having met your annual deductible.

Sandy Springs: (770) 673-0093