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Neurological Rehabilitation

Do you have multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, or another neurological diagnosis? Have you had a stroke? You can improve with physical and occupational therapy services. Covered by insurance. Don't continue to decline-call Foundation Therapy Center for evaluation and consultation.

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"Oh, my aching feet!" Do you suffer from neuromas, neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammer toes, runner's feet problems, and/or shin splints? Relief is here! Congratulations to Foundation Therapy Center's Beverly Stegman, who has completed all of the requirements of the Restorative Exercise Institute's Healthy Foot Program, and has received certification as a Healthy Foot Practitioner™. The training Bev received involves a thorough education of foot mechanics, how foot function affects whole-body health, and the role of footwear on foot health and foot pain.

How can Beverly help you "FIX YOUR FEET" as a Healthy Foot Practitioner™?
• By addressing foot-health and footwear issues
• By providing a gentle exercise prescription
• Giving a proper understanding of how habits of posture and alignment affect organ and system function
• Educating you on how to modify habits that may be contributing to your foot issues